34 thoughts on “Thought for the Week: Black and White…

  1. Hmm…
    i dont know…actualy i’d miss all the colors.
    because i would say a world without colors is a world without love.

  2. Yellow.
    This is the sign of light, God and happiness and everyone needs a bit of happiness in their lives!
    This is the sign of light.
    Take example of Noah’s Ark…

  3. I would miss all the colors because I like all the colors. Also I don’t really mind at all.

  4. I would miss the colour purple because purple looks like violet and I love the colour violet

  5. I’d miss the colour of nature because it’s beautiful and it’s not the same without it..

  6. I’d ,miss all the colour because it wouldn’t be the same

  7. I’d miss all the colours because every thing is a different colour

  8. I would miss green because its the colour of recycleimg

  9. Well I would miss light blue because that is the day and I would never like to miss day . I know it is just 1 coulor but i would also miss red because it is one of my fave coulors.

  10. I would miss the colour purple ,because it is flattering also it is my fave colour

  11. Every colour because when we watch TV we watch it with colour and if there was no colour on TV we wouldn’t get what there talking about or see the characters properly. Also I wouldn’t be able to watch amazing world of gumball and that has loads of colour characters on it. So it will be 1950’s all over again.

  12. I’d miss blue, pink and purple because they make a beautiful color in the sky. So PRETTY!

  13. i would miss every color because tehre awesome

  14. I would miss pink because it’s my favourite colour and matches with most of the colours.

    Thank you.

    Michaiah Bukenya.
    Year 2 – Diamond class

  15. I would go for white because white is
    the only colour you see every day,
    well you see other colours but white is the only colour
    you see every day and time.

  16. The colour I would miss the most is Blue because it’s the colour of the sea,sky and our uniform also it’s my favorite colour.

  17. The colour I would miss the most is blue it’s favorite colour and it’s the colour of the also the sky.

  18. I would miss all kinds of blue. 1.navy blue:it’s the colour of our school uniform and without it we are all nothing!
    2.baby blue:it’s the colour of the sea and water. Without water we would be really thirsty and the sea i wouldn’t be able to go to jamacia and go to the beach 3.turquoise (light green and light blue mixed) if it was gone then my world would come to an end!

  19. I wouldn’t miss my favourite colour pink because my blood will always be red.Red and white makes pink.

  20. i would miss Green because sometimes you can see green, then one day
    you wake up and you dont see green, then you see black and white then it would look odd and not bright

  21. I am not sure but I think that i will miss all the bright colours, the brigthen up the world without bright colours some people will be miserable and dull seeing dark colours all the time.But especially red; it repesents the colour of love ; you need love in the world.

  22. The world will be boring because if u want to go shopping it will only be white or black.

  23. I ωσυℓ∂ мιѕѕ Gяєєη , вєcαυѕє ιт’ѕ му ƒανσυяιтє cσℓσя , αη∂ ιт ωση’т вє тнєяє

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