1. If there was no money then how would we supposed to eat and drink, we would be suffering and there would be no money to pay for the school

  2. If there was no money the world could be a bland place. With no where to live, it would be land on its own. Having said that, instead of using money, we could trade something of ours to buy things that we still need to live with.

  3. If there was no money life would be go-o-ooood!! people will have everything they want. BUT>-> everyone would be poor so……

  4. If there were no money everything would be free and at the shops people would be fighting over the same thing because they wouldn’t have to see how much money they have to see if they cpuld afford it or not. Shops would have to be either made by people with a willing heart or be no shops at all and everything would have to be made by people themselves. Houses would have to be built by either your self or people who would like to do it for you. There would be less burglaries involving money or dodgy deals involving money.

  5. Yeah, and everything would be free but, if we had no money where did we get the product from we have to pay, we don’t see them lying around hmmm!

  6. I think that if there was no money in the world then we wouldn’t be poor ,we would just have a different type of currency. For example we could use rare materials or solids as a currency like quartz crystals , pearls or even unique pieces of cloth

  7. If there was no money, there would be no banks and people would trade their stuff like they did a long time ago. 🙂

  8. No we wouldn’t get stuff for free because the prices are still on items. Then we wouldn’t be able to pay the rent for our houses, so we won’t have nowhere to live. However we could trade things like valuables for food (or grow some). Also without money what do you get for working? How do you get to good universities? How would you pay for flights to other countries? How would we look after our children?

  9. I agree with Savanah, we could make new currency such as:
    Things that can help us.

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