19 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Is it possible to stop thinking?

  1. Well of course not because every minute of the day your thinking about something whether you want to or not. Hey don’t believe me well go and search it up. And by the way I met Derek at my new school, Virgo Fidelis.
    If that’s how you spell it anywhos bye ppl.xxxxx

  2. Hello Eden,

    Lovely to hear from you. Good to have your contributions to our thought of the week. I hope you are doing well at your new school.

    Best wishes

    Ms Papas

  3. WOW that’s a deep post! As humans we will always be thinking about “something” naturally….. but thinking to deep is not always healthy… What you think has an impact on how you respond or react. Having a positive attitude really does have a positive impact on life without you knowing it! Live, life, love!!! ; 0) have a great week!

  4. Well obviously not because even if you tell yourself to stop thinking, your thinking about not thinking. Or if someone is talking to you and you try to stop thinking, your thinking about the words they say. You always have to be thinking whether you like it or not. If you could stop thinking, (well you can’t anyway) what do you think it will be like? (Could be next thought of the week).

  5. You never stop thinking because it’s natural for a humand to always think. For an example right now I’m thinking about what to type and your’re thinking about my comment. Also even when your asleep your thinking about your dream or your nightmare. When your asked a question or even when your just looking around you think about what you can see and how to answer. So I think you never stop thinking.

  6. Well, it’s obviously a no because if you accidentally brake a plate and throw it in the bin (not literally) you will think about it.But if you sleep on the idea you shall wake up and you might see the plate in the bin and it will refresh your memory.

    By the way if your parents say throw this in the bin don’t throw it please.;)

  7. So, so, so, soooo no because your mind is always working but it might be a yes because you might get a SERIOUS ILLNESS (I hope not) that will get you to stop thinking!! I Agree with everyone else!! 😀

  8. I think you can stop thinking. You can stop thinking if something happens to your brain or you die.

  9. You can never stop thinking because you won’t be smart anymore and then you won’t do your work properly

  10. You can be mindful and still think a lot….it depends on the person’s personality and state of mind……your thoughts can take you to good and bad places……

  11. semi in opal
    it is true you can stop thinking when you are dead when you are sleeping

  12. You can’t stop thinking because if you stop thinking you can’n add 1+1

  13. I think it is possible to stop thinking because when someone meditates they clear there minds of all thoughts

  14. I don’t think it is possible to stop thinking unless you’re dead. I think this because you must think to do everything even if you don’t actually know it. Since a thought is in your brain, it’s still working so your still thinking.

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