16 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Three wishes

  1. I would wish for a magic wand so I could get more wishes, I would wish I could have money to give to charity and I would wish for war to end!
    I would be very shocked if I got 3 wishes and they came true.

  2. I would wish for wings so I could fly. I wish we could live forever and ever. I wish to be a doctor when I am older.
    I would be happy if my wish came true to become a doctor and then I can help all the ill people and people who have hurt themselves.

  3. My first wish would be for all my family and friends to get 1 wish.
    My second wish would be to get a good secondary school.
    My third wish would be to get a good job when I’m older.

    I would be exited if my wish came true because I would get good grades, and when I get a good job I’ll make loads of money for working

  4. First of all, I would wish for world peace. If this wish came true then there would be no violence in the world.
    Then I would wish for a special day where people from the past can come to the future and meet their great grandchildren. That way those people won’t miss out.
    My last wish would be for a magic wand to get more wishes,so my wishes will never end but I’ll have to use them wisely.

  5. My first wish would be to get eternal wishes.
    My second wish would be like Sandy’s.
    Then my last wish would be to meet Little Mix, Lily Allen, and Jessie J.

    My first wish is the best… Or is it my second…. Or is it my last… Or my second… I don’t know.

  6. my first wish would be get 1 samsung pad to play angry birds go

    my second wish is being a good art

    my last wish is getting a ticket is watch wwe stadium

  7. I would wish for super strength ,an apple I mac and to know everything !

  8. If I had three wishes they would be: becoming a footballer, passing my SATs and graduating. This is because I love football but if I don’t become a footballer then I would have a wider range of jobs because I graduated. 🙂

  9. My first wish would be to meet all Crystal Palace players,

    My second wish would be to make Mr.Reid be 14 again,

    And my final wish would be to get every single diary of a wimpy kid books.

    My second one is the best hopefully it shall come true

  10. And my first wish would be to be a singer or an actress.
    My second would be for mr.Reid to grow some hair……. Lots of reasons!!!
    And my third would be to never ever die because being dead sounds really boring!

  11. My first wish would be to be famous because it’s my dream. My second wish would be for my parents to win the lottery so that we can live in a beautiful house with: a swimming pool, a gym and a cinema. Finally my third wish would be to have more wishes so that I can wish for more things however this time to help other people and not just myself.

  12. My first wish will be : 10 Ice Creams everyday (because it’s tasty).
    My second wish will be : I go to the fair everyday (I know it doesn’t open all the time).
    Finally my third wish : I wish I could get better sleep , because I always have to scratch myself before I
    go to sleep.

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