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Tennison Road Bridge Petition

Better Protection for Pedestrians using Tennison Road Bridge

One of our local residents has set up an e-petition on the website requesting that Croydon Council install pedestrian railings across Tennison Road Bridge as part of the redevelopment programme.

The replacement the road bridge in Tennison Road, South Norwood will result in increased traffic flow in the area. The proposed replacement bridge will have wider carriageways and has been designed to a 40 tonne weight limit which will result in increased use by heavy goods vehicles.

This bridge is used by a large number of pedestrians at busy times of the day, particularly children, travelling to and from local schools and South Norwood Recreation Ground. Although the proposed bridge provides wider pedestrian footways, there is no provision within the planning design for the segregation of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

The purpose of this is to petition Croydon Council to install protective railings on both sides of the carriageway in order to protect pedestrians using the new structure

The e-petition can be signed here . In order to sign the petition you just enter your email address, wait for a confirmation email, click on the link and enter your details.

The council are holding a walk-in session at Speroni’s (CPFC) on 25th February 2014, it would be great if they could get lots of signatories by then.

Please tell your friends and family!

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7 thoughts on “Tennison Road Bridge Petition

  1. As a cyclist, I can’t sign this until I understand what provision has been made for bikes. The thought of being caged in with fast moving traffic terrifies me

  2. the build’s was building a new place for year 5 and year 6 because of new kids are coming

  3. There are studies which show that railings do not necessarily make the road safer and drivers tend to take more care where there are none. Added to this is the Councils drive to de-clutter our streets by removing railings and excess signage. See the work recently completed at Lower Addiscombe to remove them. On the other hand railings would stop a child walking/wondering into the road. I think there are pros and cons with railings and without. All that said I have signed the petition as I think it is important for the Council to really consider the safety implications of people using the bridge particularly if the intent is for more children and families to it as oppose to driving to school.

  4. We’ll I think that when we come two school there’s a hole load off chilldren crossing the road without there parents and I think that’s not SAFE for little kids so I thought about opening that gate that there is for the chilldrens parents so there is more space and it’s not that packed up that’s my Idea ☺️☺️☺️😀 agree or don’t agree

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