32 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Who would you invite for tea?

  1. I would choose Beyoncé ,Ariana Grande and Wayne Rooney. I would choose them because their all inspirational and I would love to have their autograph.

  2. I would invite Ariadne, little mix, and wil.i.am those are the celebrities I would invite to tea.

  3. I will invite
    queen Victoria
    Christopher Colombus
    and mahatma Ghandi

  4. I would invite 1D and Selena Gomez and also Ariana Grande

  5. I would invite Beyoncé because she is inspiring and has a beautiful voice, Maddie Ziegler (dance mums) because she is a wonderful dancer and last but not least Mackenzie Ziegler because she is great at dancer (dance mums)

  6. I would invite the Queen so I can ask her questions that I do not know about her.

  7. I would invite usian bolt mo farrah and pharrel the singer.

  8. I would chose Katy perry because she is my favourite singer

  9. I would invite King Henry the eighth as he is from the past but I hope he won’t behead me!!!

  10. I would invite Ben Joney in the fantastic 4 and little mix

  11. I will invite Albert Einstein because he can teach me about the Universe,I will also invite Michel Faraday so he can teach me about Electricity and I will invite Isac Newton so he can teach me Physics

  12. I would chose little mix,wil.I.am and one direction that’s who I would invite for tea

  13. I will invite THE QUEEN because I want to meet a royal person, my next person is nicky minaj because she is a famous , mr Cambridge because he is the best teacher ,Chris brown because he is the best dancer.

  14. For tea I would invite Mahatma Gandhi because he is father of India, the next person I would invite is Shakira because I love the song waka waka that she sang. The last person that I would invite is Katy Perry because I love three of the songs that she sang.

  15. SIENNA:I would chose Michael Jackson , Ariana Grande and Katy Perry that’s who I would invite to my come dine with me.

  16. i would invite wane ellington(person we met at o2 for young voices)
    because he is a good singer also i would invite little mix because they are my fav band/group and matty b and his group because they are a realy goood for their age
    Who would you invite?(said with suspence)

  17. I should pick beyoncey because she can teach me how to be like her . I whould pick Rihanna because she can sing and I whould also pick Katy perry because she has lovely outfits .

  18. Hiii I’m a year 6 pupil from selsdon , I really like your taste in celebs 🙂

  19. Hiii I’m a year 6 pupil from selsdon primary , I love those celebs , I would choose will.I.am , 1D and Little Mix

  20. I’m a year 6 pupil in selsdon , I absolutely love dance moms 🙂 GR8 show

  21. Hii I’m a year6 pupil in selsdon , just to let you know ms Papas always plays pharrel ‘happy’ In the hall

  22. I would invite:
    William Shakespeare to give me tips on writing
    Whitney Houston to teach me how to become the best singer ever
    and Nelson Mandela to tell me how to become a great leader

  23. I’m not sure who I would pick but I would NEVER INVITE THE TWITS!!!!

  24. I would invite Richard Branson because I’m going to be like him when i grow up.

  25. I would invite Beyoncé because she inspires me. Michael Jackson because I love his music. Albert Einstein because we could talk about his theory. Finally, I would invite my mum because she can cook for us! 😉

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