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Heavers Farm at Young Voices

Yesterday afternoon and evening Ms Tillin, Ms Ferri and Ms Kelly took a group of year 3, 4, 5 & 6 children to sing at the O2. They had rehearsed together for a number of weeks to learn all the songs they had to perform.

They did a fantastic job and, more importantly, had a great time doing so.

Here is a video that Ms Tillin made of their trip and performance:

13 thoughts on “Heavers Farm at Young Voices

  1. That looked like so much fun. Well done everyone all that hard work practising really paid off, you sounded fantastic 🙂
    Miss Hawkins

  2. Thanks sis and all my friends and family and teacher for supporting me and a really lovely thankful to Ms Tillin and Ms Ferri thanks x

  3. Congratulations to the Heavers Farm Young voices choir 2014.

    You guys did a great job. It was a pleasure watching you perform.

    What is more amazing is that you can all say that you performed at the O2 in London – what an achievement. I hope that you keep the choir going.

    A special thank you goes out to the Young voices choir teachers / leaders you have show dedication and provided the children with outlet on a grand scale. The training and long hours have paid off. #proudmoment

    Hope you have a bigger choir for Young voices 2015.

  4. Congratulations to all those who took part in Young Voices 2014. An amazing and great opportunity for you all. And thank you for doing a good job of representing Heavers Farm. From the video, it looks like you worked hard and had great fun. Well done.

  5. Special thanks to Ms.Tillin , Ms.Ferri and Ms.Kelly I had a wonderful time at the O2. My2 favourite parts of the trip were Singing with Stacy Solomon and having a break from rehearsals and my least favourite part was going home.

  6. that was so awsome and me kia and destiny are coming next year

  7. I had lots of fun at the O2. The best part of the whole thing was singing with Stacey.

  8. I had a wonderful time singing with Stacey Soloman and Sean Paul. Sean came all the way from Chicago in America ,just to see and sing living on a prayer with us. I personally think he was rocking the guitar!

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