33 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Goldilocks.

  1. I would ask Goldilocks:
    Why are you here?
    Where’s Miss Bronze?
    I would ask these questions because I am wondering if goldilocks is our new teacher and wondering if Ms Bronze is ok

  2. I would ask goldilocks:
    where is Mr. Askey?
    Aren’t you meant to be in a fairytale?
    Aren’t you too young to teach?

  3. I would ask
    Why are you here?
    Where’s Mr Reid?
    Are you the new teacher?

  4. Why don’t ask them first?
    Do you know any people?
    Do know what time the Dinosaurs die?(all)

  5. I would ask her:
    Why are you here?
    Are you hiding from the bears?
    Where is MrMCcormack?

  6. I would ask her:
    1. How did you get here? (because she is a fictional character)
    2. Is Goldilocks your real name? (because “Goldilocks” doesn’t sound like a real name)
    3. What is your full name? (because she must have a surname)

  7. I would ask her; why are you here instead of my teacher? Why are you so mean to take the three bears porridge? Shouldn’t you be in the fairytale Goldilocks and the three bears.

  8. Why are you here instead of my teacher ?
    Why are you so mean to take the three bears porridge ?
    Shouldn’t you be in a faiytale Goldilocks and the three bears?

  9. Question 1 why did you be a notey gerl question 2 why did you help your self the last question did you now that some one had lifeid ther

  10. why did you have to come inside the house?
    why is your mother not looking for you?
    and are you old?

  11. I would ask her
    Why are you here?
    Where is mr Reid?
    and do you need help getting home?

  12. Why are you here? I am asking because Mr Cambridge should be sitting there.
    Why did you eat the 3 bears food? I am asking because you shouldn’t eat someone’s food with out their permission.
    Why would you sneak into a strangers house? I am asking because they might kidnap you.

  13. I would ask her:
    What is your viewpoint of Goldilocks and the three bears?
    Why did you take all of the baby bears things?
    How did you feel when the bears started chasing you?
    I would ask her all of these questions because I want to hear her side of the story.

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