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Running in the new year…

As many of you know Mr McCormack is a keen runner, but he is not alone! There are several of our teachers who like to run and in fact are planning a running club for the children. Details will be coming home soon.

Yesterday, Les, Miss Kelly and I caught Mr McCormack and Mr Reid as they were preparing to run home. I wonder which one of them arrived home first? What do you think…

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10 thoughts on “Running in the new year…

  1. Well Mr Reid won the race home – not before he had logged an enjoyable 8km run including an ascent of Sydenham Hill.

    His post run entertainment of watching the Sunderland vs Man United match might not have been so enjoyable for him though…

  2. Ha mr Reid running home…..
    mr reid says to yr5 sapphire that he dosent run
    Well lies are very bad
    tut tut tut
    not so clever are we now mr Reid

  3. Well i thought you would win Mr McCormack your house is fater for Mr Reid but well do to both of you well done for winning Mr Reid šŸ™‚

  4. Well I throught you would win but you’re house is a bit far mr mcc but well done .

  5. Ohhhhhhh WOW I thought it would only be you running but luckily you have a partner for that hehehehehe

  6. I think that mr Mc got home first because he can run very fast

  7. Mr Reid is a legend and a very old man… -,-
    I cannot believe he won!
    But Well Done To Both Of You..

  8. ha ha ha anass very funny mr Reid is not an old man he is a very old man

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