1. The pen came the first ,because the first thing GOD create was a pen ,this was before the creation of everything,thank you.

  2. I would rather a pencil becos u can always rub out ur mistakes unlike a pen u will have to use tipex and it will just ruin ur work!!!

  3. I wrote the wrong answer sorry yh please fogive me.well I have no idea what came first and I don’t have time to research it because we all could be wrong.maybe a pencil though because all you need is lead but then again with a pen I see it in the old movies because all they need it ink and a feather. Hmmmm quite a hard question????????

  4. I think it was the pen because the used to use ink and i think that is a sort of pen.

  5. I think pencil because it does not run out of ink, you can get light and dark shades when you are colouring and you can rub it out if you make a mistake.

  6. I agree because people dipet feathers in ink and that was called a pen in the olden days so the pen comes first

  7. I think pencil because you can rub out the mistakes and if you use pen you would not know if the pen has enough ink for you to write all you want

  8. I would prefer to use a pencil because It is easy to use and pens are usually meant to be for writing.

  9. I think a PENCIL because it can rub out little and BIG mistakes.
    So I think a pencil should come first.

  10. I think this is a very hard question but if I had to choose I would choose pencil because pencils are made out of bark and tree’s were one of the first things made by god.

  11. I think that pen came first because they used a feather as a pen and dipped it in ink.

  12. actually I think it’s a pencil because you only use wood and chalk

    Thank You

  13. I think Pencil came first because they used wood. pens use plastic and ink . plastic came recently.

    thank you

  14. I think the pencil was created first because it is made of wood and sometimes led . I also believe that pens are made of plastic and a bit of metal too and I’m sure they weren’t created before wood .

  15. I think pencil because pencil is made out of wood and led could be made in a plant, which you could write with. While a pen is harder to write with because you need ink to have a pen.

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