18 thoughts on “Thought for the Week: Present for Father Christmas

  1. A collection of Micheal BublĂ©’s songs 😀 (that we had on last assembly)

  2. Well………….let me think!!!!
    Maybe I would give him an excersizing machine so he can loose some belly fat.HE IS SO NOT
    LOOKING GOOD RIGHT NOW………………………..eden-marie

  3. I would leave Father Christmas a box full of kindness and love.

  4. I would give Santa something he can cherish for the rest of his life like a new sleigh or a new uniform

  5. I would give Santa a slay because he’s been doing this job for a long time that slay must get rusty and he needs a 21 sentry high tech slay.

  6. I love Eden Marie’s suggestion of an exercise machine so that he can lose weight.

  7. I would give santa a very big present because he has given presents all over the world.

  8. I would get santa lots of robots to go down the chimney for him so that he does not get stuck.

  9. If he were real I would bring Christmas to him but he seriously does need an excersize machine.

  10. I would bring him some food by weight watchers and get him a membership on the website, that’s only if he were real

  11. some time people give cookies and milk to father christmas

  12. I would give him a gift of thanks and love for all of his hard work. However it depends if people believe in farther Christmas or not.

  13. I would give Santa Clause a thank you card for delivering all the presents and I’ll give him a snow globe of him riding his reindeer.

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