14 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

  1. This world was not made for one man to rule alone, for people of all colors and creatures to whom it is home… R.I.P to a truly brilliant, magical and inspirational man x

  2. I defenetily!!! Agree!!! because nobody should be lonely and we should love each other and love each other for ALWAYS!!!!!

    R.I.P Nelson Mandela!!

    You’re our HERO!!

  3. It is so sad that Nelson Mandela has died R.I.P to a awesome man who showed the world how to forgive and how to love. I definatly agree with what he said!!! My mum has his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, a really thick book and I am going to read it when she finishes reading it!!!

  4. R.I.P what an inspirational role model I agree because people should always be loved, however hatred comes from other people around us.

  5. I agree because nobody is born to hate they are born to love and forgive.You learn to hate and love ,you are not born to hate a person that your friends or familly don’t like.

  6. I agree with mr . C because that man was definitely a parent to us and he might be dead but he is In our hearts and they are still beating for him

    RIP Nelson Mandela

  7. I agree with Nelson because it’s like being born and knowing your alphabet, it’s impossible!so therefore people must be influenced by there surroundings to hate so then if that’s the case, they can be influenced to do other things too. Such as, love people or things.

  8. R.I.P Nelson Mandela he was a genius man and i agree 100% with him
    and he is not gone he lives our hart.

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