30 thoughts on “Thought for the week: What is true happiness?

  1. I think true happiness is sometimes love it can also be money so you can have food and drink. 🙂

  2. True happiness for me is if someone loves someone or when you have a best friend that you can trust and still be friends even if you argue!!!!

  3. To me true happiness is when I smile, have fun, do what I want and get love from my parents.

  4. In my opinion,true happiness is when you feel a funny emotion in your soul which makes you feel happy.

  5. True happiness to me is a lot of things ,for instance me being at home and school make me happy because well I know a lot of people there.

  6. We’ll true happiness is fortune,love and money but Watanya true happiness is happiness with your family.

  7. I think that true happiness is when you are happy or if some one or some thing makes you happy ,but what makes me happy is my family

  8. I agree lerkia because if happiness didn’t exist we wouldn’t have a family and our family wouldn’t love us

  9. True happiness is when people are happy everyday and when you can see the true happiness in their expressions that’s when it makes everybody happy. Also if true happiness is in you, it will turn your life around.

  10. I think true happiness is when people don’t like you for being wealthy or rich , they like you for who you are ;then they get happy for not using others.

  11. True happiness is when your joyful or loved by your family or when your laughing but is tempuary not for ever

  12. True happiness is something you desire and truly need because it has to be a thing you really need to earn.

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