19 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Would you dare go into space?

  1. Yes, I would dare to go to space if only for the experience of seeing a different planet. I would be scared in case I couldn’t come back to Earth. The Aliens may find humans nasty too, so we would need to work together to be kind to each other so that we would eventually understand each other.

  2. I would dare go in space, but if the aliens were nasty i would carry protection but if they try to abduct me i would talk to it and ask why it is so nasty. traditional saying: Don’t judge a book by the cover because it might be amazing.

  3. I would not dare to go in space because I might get lost and I might see alien zombies.They might chase me scare me or they could go in my rocket.Imagen they have blud they might be terrible or so horrible.

  4. I would never go to space if there were aliens cause they would eat me.

  5. We’ll I would not want to go to space if the Aliens we’re nasty. No way

  6. I would dare go into space but not for long. If the aliens were nasty I would just stay away and ignore them.

  7. I would never dare to go to space but it would be an experience of science

  8. I wouldn’t go to space coz it would be scary just going to space and seeing them big heads šŸ˜‰ LoLy

  9. Would I dare to go into space? Yes I would but only with the intention of looking down onto Earth. That would be very special! If there were aliens out there, I hope that my rocket would travel faster than theirs.

  10. Would I dare go into space? Of course I would because it can be an experience to see a different planet and a new culture.

  11. I would go into space because I think that space is amazing. i would also go into space because people don’t have proof that aliens are real.

  12. I would not dare go to space because they would treat me as a servant or they would eat me.

  13. I wouldn’t go into space because what if the aliens came to me and saw I came from earth. Then they would destroy our planet

  14. I would go into space even if aliens were nasty because it would be an amzing time and it would be good time to look at the earth and other planets.

  15. I would dare go into space because I would like to investigate different types of habitats and not just on Earth. I would teach the aliens to act like humans so we can join together in peace.

  16. I would not even dare to go to space and even if I did I’ll just go back down but I would like to be we’re gods are.

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