Voices in the Park – Told by 5P

An amazing video animation from Mr Penrose and 5P at Selsdon Primary!


As part of storytelling week, we have created a ‘radio play’ using our best character voices. This is a whole class effort for you all to enjoy.

Performed by Children from 5P at Selsdon Primary School in conjunction with Mr Penrose, Mrs Nichols and Mrs Chapman.

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  1. Hi Bev – Eventually managed to find the clip! The main problem initially was that I was looking on the wrong date.

    Tell Noah that Pampa thinks that he answered his home work questions very well, and gave good answers! He gets a gold star from me *********


  2. thank you for all the comments for 5p sadly I was not in the making of beacuse of some “mix up” but I said the “so me and smudge took the dog to the park” bit. from 5P

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