24 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Can you teach kindness?

  1. I really do think that kindness is something each and everyone of is born with but I guess some people just rather to be mean and selfish for their own purpose

  2. We can’t teach kindness but we can teach how not be cruel to one and other, then that will lead to kindness.

  3. You can teach kindness but now body is born with it. Kindness is something were you have to show your body language.

  4. You can’t teach kindness because we are all born in a different ways you can try but it wan’t work unless you send your child to milatery school.

  5. We can not teach kindness because kindness is something you are born with and you can’t buy or sell your kindness because it comes from the bottom of your heart ant it’s not something you just lose.

  6. I believe kindness is a choice. we can model acts of kindness in the hope that our children will learn this behavior……kindness has to come from within… you can choose to be cruel or to be kind. Teach you children consequences in order for them to make good choices from a young age. It will serve them well in the future.

  7. You can’t teach kindness because your born with it and you always use your kindness whilst you don’t know when you use it. Also, it’s very rare.

  8. I think that you can’t teach kindness because you are born with it you just need to show and let it out.

  9. I can also say that even though you can’t teach kindness you can teach how not cruel to the people that don’t show their kindness.

  10. I think you can teach / encourage people to do kind acts. Over time that might become a habit. If it does, I’m not sure it matters whether it was naturally occurring or was taught.

    Coral Class now offer one another pencils and rulers rather than grabbing their own at the start of each piece of writing we do. I love seeing them do it. Yes I’ve encouraged them to but these acts remain kind.

  11. You were not born with kindness but you can teach it to people who are not kind .

  12. I think both because if you are born with kindness then you can teach kindness.

  13. You can teach kindness and people are born with kindness but some people want to be bad.

  14. Kindness is something that we gain as we get older so we are not born with kindness!!!

  15. I agree with Shakira because those who are born with kindness will be able to teach kindness and it won’t be very hard for them at all.
    I also think that you can teach kindness to the people who were not born with kindness.

  16. We can’t teach kindness to any one and you can because people are born with kindness but don’t want to show it

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