33 thoughts on “Thought for the week: What if chickens laid golden eggs?

  1. if they laid golden maybe the chickens would be golden or maybe there is money inside.

  2. If chickens laid Golden Eggs then we cant make cakes, bread, pancakes or ice cream. 🙁

  3. If a chicken laid golden eggs we it would hilarious and mad. We will also be really rich, the world would be a rich place to live. As well everyone would have everything but we will not be able to make or cook couple of stuff/ food.

  4. I think that wood be INPOBLE to do that golden eggs are not real any way
    I hat golden eggs because that look like balls and my sister fros eggs every where

  5. If chickens would lay golden eggs, there would be more crime of stealing chickens and or the eggs.

  6. If Chickens laid golden eggs then there will be no chicks- no chicks therefore no more chickens because they will die out and then even worse no NANDOS!!!!!! NOOOoooo

  7. The eggs wouldn’t be very valuable if everyone had chicken farm’s but if only a certain type of chicken laid the eggs they might be very hard to get and the eggs would be rare and there might be fighting over the eggs .Also the eggs .might be inedible 🙂

  8. I agree with Caleb because most people will start getting chickens

  9. Well if chikens and humans were the only thing on the planet (which they arent so we’re very luky). wouldnt the chikens die because everyone dies dont they? anyway they would die and no one would have anything to eat.
    SO everyone and I mean EVERYONE
    would deffinetly
    Or am I wrong?

  10. My grandma has loads of chickens and then I would be rich if the chickens laid golden eggs every day

  11. if we had golden eggs we will be rich and we will go to chessington and eat chips

  12. I think if chicken laid golden eggs it would change our lives because people who have chickens they would sell it and get money$$$$$!

  13. If they did then people would be very rich because they are gold and cool !

  14. If chickens laid golden eggs then we would be rich and have lots of money

  15. Iff chickens laid eggs the farmer will sale it and be rich and have 100,000,100££££££££££££££

  16. I agree with caleb,but if chikckens laid gold eggs it wouldn’t be rare it will just make us rich!d:

  17. If chickens laid golden eggs you could pay instead of money or convert it to £

  18. If chickens laid golden eggs,the chick will turn out golden and will be special because the egg is unique.

  19. I think if chickens laid eggs it would change our lives, because we could collect all the eggs and sell them then we would have some cash $$$$!

  20. If chickens laid golden eggs then chickens would be very useful and none would dare to eat a chicken and if you do you will go to jail and if at least every one will be rich but when a chickens lay an egg they need it to hatch but when a chicken dies every one will be sad but if all the chicken die then there will be no more chickens left then they will have to be Unselfish and make the egg hatch and if the chickens don’t lay any eggs then people will have to use normal money.

  21. If chickens could lay golden eggs we will be stinking rich but like Joel said we can’t make things 🙂

  22. if golden egg where real I would be crazy made if they where real

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