1. We know that if something is real you can see it but you need to take a closer look.

  2. I agree Jess because if you saw a ghost you never know if it might be an illusion

  3. If you no that some thing is real like a carpet is real but it does not have eyes it does not have a mouth or anything it does not have ears it is just real.

  4. You can know if something is real if you can feel it and you can smell it and you can taste and see it.

  5. Because if something is real u will be Abel to fell if it is real or not it will be more real to see and roach to make sure it’s real

  6. Sometimes you might not know if something is real because in a dream you don’t know if something is but when you wake up you will know that it was a dream

  7. I think we would know if something is real because it has to have all the seances.

  8. I know that something is real if it breathes. If it breathes it would be like a human and humans are real, aren’t they?

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