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Road Safety


I received this comment over the weekend. Could I politely request that everyone reads this message and if it applies to you, please take heed!

I wondered if you could request your parents to stop parking in the cycle lane at the top of your road (leading to the Selhurst road). I have had several issues with parents (& children) opening car doors almost knocking me off my bike and into traffic, not to mention cars cutting across the lane in order to park and almost hitting me. It is extremely dangerous and if nothing is said it is highly likely that either a cyclist will be hit or an accident will be caused.

Last year I had one child open a door of a car, while stationary in traffic, and if it were not for my newly re-tuned brakes both myself and that child would have been in hospital.

Please draw attention to this issue and ask parents not to continue setting such a poor example for children.

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  1. I agree allot whith what miss papas said H5 hehehhehheh + i said that to my mum she agreed

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