14 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Wings or tail?

  1. i woulld pick wings i would like to fly to school it would be so fun and i see anns garden and millies and i fly ove stuff

  2. I agree with Wings because you get to fly to school or anywhere you want to go that is far away

  3. I would choose wings since you get to fly to different countries without having to pay money for plane and also if you have a long race (26 miles) you can cheat it and fly to the finish line whereas a tail can’t do as many things as wings.

  4. I would agree with wings since you can fly to school and discover new places that no one discovered before and tails are rubbish. HEE HEE!! LOL!!!

  5. I would choose wing because it is easier to travel from one place to another also because I can travel high just like aeroplane also I don’t even have to pay. You could discover new places where nobody has been to and have many adventures

  6. I’ll pick wings because if I had to go to a meeting I will fly instead of taking a bus or a taxi cab.

  7. I choose wings because then you could fly around the classroom Ekora

  8. I would choose wings,because then I can fly to different countries around the world

  9. This is the first time really I’ve been bothered to comment I was really bored…Anyway I would choose non of them because wing can defiantly burn or break because there so delicate. And a tail will just look weird and I will not want cats thinking I’m one of them… But if I have to choose it will be wings because I can escape from school if I wanted to. Also I can hang people up on trees.

  10. I chose Wings, because they may take me all the way to Jamaica and it doesn’t cost anything!!

  11. I would choose wings then there would no rules!!Also you could fly to as far as you want.

  12. I will pick both because it would be nice fly out and in.I would also like to breath under the water like a meirmaid.

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