31 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Your dreams are real

  1. It does depend because my dream might might be to fly but it is not possible for a human to fly unless I use a plane or any other equipment like that. If my dream was to go on Xfactor and win that can be possible.

  2. Some people say it is true because thay see it but others say it is an illusion

  3. Dreams don’t always come true because if u dream to be rich u won’t always be that but if I hade a dream and it come true I want to be a teacher all my life

  4. I agree because when you have a dream your mind has seen it some where but you have not notist it if you haven’t seen it you can’t dream it

  5. I agree and disagree beacuse some times people might have a dream of something bad but you
    won’t know what would happen.
    Do you? No you dont because you dont know if it will happen!

  6. Yes and no becasue sometimes you could do it the next day they might not be real because you might not do it so it is maybe .

  7. Yes and no yes because dreams can come true and no because sometimes they don’t

  8. I agree and disagree because my dream was to have have wings but humans don’t have wings and if you have a nightmare it will not become true

  9. I agree and disagree because what you think of will depends on who you are.

  10. I agree because your dreams are real all you need to do is believe in your dreams believe in yourself

  11. No because when your sleeping that a dream but not that kind of dream. And when you have a goal that is a dream

  12. No because I had a nightmare/dream that tommorow I’d be in 1direction and I didn’t ! (I don’t not like them …. ) in the end it depends on what u dream

  13. I disagree because dreams are just wishes and thoughts. For example: I once dreamt that I was a footballer, but in reality I’m not.

  14. I agree and disagree because sometimes your dreams come true by coincidence. However some dreams are almost impossible. Eg: Flying, winning everything you can think of…

  15. I disagree and sort of agree because your dreams always relate to something happening in real life.But your actual dream never really happens.

  16. Dreams can be real beacouse I wished for a disco ball and I got

  17. Some times because I had a dream about me getting roller skates and I got them

  18. No because wen I have good and wen I believe it never. Cums chrow

  19. Are dream is not real because if you dream a bear eat you do this real ?

  20. Dreams are not true because I jumped on the floor it never came true

  21. I my dreams are true and false because not every dream I dream comes true!

  22. No because I dreamt I was a King and could fly, but when I woke up nothing happened.

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