21 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Free choice?

  1. We don’t always have free choice because sometimes you just need to do it.

  2. Yes and no because we have a choice on what we eat and we don’t have choice on wearing school uniform at school.

  3. We do have free choice(s ) each and very day we make choices to say what we want to when we want to. For example I have a choice to be anything when I grow up. I therefore even have a choice to run, jump or sing but there always will be a consequence with my or anyone else’s actions.

  4. You can have free choices because it is up to you what you want to do it is your choice about your saying as well.

  5. We get to have choices for example the way you talk and walk .

  6. We do have a choices because if you go to a toy shop you get a choice.

  7. We always have our own choices because if you want to be a singer or anything else you can be it and you can do your own actions or anything else YOU CAN JUST DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!

  8. Most of the time we have are own choices for example;If you go to the sweet shop you can choose what sweet you want.

  9. Yes because we get told to do things but its our / my decision to follow although we don’t have a choice to come in uniform so I’m in the middle ?….

  10. No because if you get want you want there will start a fight.

  11. We should have a free choices because the teachers need a chocie what plans they have for us

  12. Yes because when you have money you can go to the shop and buy what ever you want

  13. No because we don’t choose when to go to school so if we do choose not to go to school your mum will leave you at home and you will not get any lunch.

  14. We do get free choice and we don’t because we get to pick what food we eat but we don’t choose what class we go into.

  15. I think we do and don’t have and do have free choice. This is because you could be living in your parents house at the age of 70 and 80 and have no choice but to live with them. You don’t have a choice to recieve a detention or not .

  16. We. Don’t. Have. A. Choice but. To. Do the. Right thing

  17. I agree with both because we don’t have free choice of going to school or not. The other reason is that we do have choice of doing anything in the hollydays.

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