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Royal Opera House

operaLast week, thanks to the amazing negotiating prowess of Cleo Douglas, all of Year 4 and Year 5 went to the Royal Opera House to watch The Marriage of Figaro. This was an amazing opportunity for our pupils and they had a fantastic time.

Following this trip, the children have been writing their own opera scripts and then setting them to music.

Here is a video by three boys in Coral Class showing what they have done so far.

8 thoughts on “Royal Opera House

  1. I really loved are Opera it was so fun and it was good practice watch and learn

  2. Wow! Boys this is absolutely brilliant and fabulously funny! I am impressed. I wonder whether opera writing will become part of the new curriculum? Everyone in Heavers should have a go! How about a teacher’s opera?

  3. Bravo Boys Bravo !!
    I’m glad you all thoroughly enjoyed your experience at the Royal Opera House. It was an amazing day. I’m am very glad that you have had this experience. Some people can only dream of going to the Opera. I hope you all the wonderful memories For many years to come.

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