42 thoughts on “Thought for the week: If there was only one rule…

  1. number 4 because if you’ll tell lies you will be breaking the law!

  2. I agree with Anass, I reckon not telling lies is a pretty good rule. At least we would all be able to trust each other! What does everyone else think?
    Miss McCormack

  3. I agree with number four because lying is rude and unacceptable .

  4. 1and2because all of the other rules is not good.For a start wearing a school uniform would be boring! Also if your not allowed to spend any money you can’t buy anything .

  5. I think it is number 4 because telling lies is a serious thing because you can get many people into trouble also it is like saving people lives that is how important telling lies.

  6. I choose number 4 because if we always lie, someone might get hurt and we would wrong things.

  7. I would choose 1 and 4 because if everybody had to smile , all the time , everyone would be happy and there would be no bad things happening . Despite it being a smile , it can still be rude because there’s two different types of smiles ; there’s a sarcastic smile and a normal heart warming one.
    Perhaps if nobody tells lies ther will be no fights to do with lies and no one will get in trouble for fighting.

  8. Smile mean happy.so every body smile at all time mean every body happy at all time!!!

  9. If there was only 1 rule I would like it to be everyone should smile .

  10. I don’t think that everyone can smile every time because if you simle to much you will be stuck like that . I simle but not to much 🙂 😉

  11. I think everbody shall not lie because if you lie to someone you might go to the office and take something

  12. I disargree with no.4 because if someone lies about another person that person will get in trouble and it might be against the rules and the law

  13. I would choose number 4 because lying is bad and the rest are really bad rules that I would not follow at all.

  14. Every one must smile because the world can be a happy place

  15. I would choose number 4 because it is easier to do. If you weren’t alowed to spend money then we can’t buy food from the shops.

  16. I’ll choose number 4because then you will be telling the truth But you will also be stuck in a way because they mite say what is your password and username and you will have to tell the truth.

  17. I agree with Anass because with no lies there is more peace. 🙂

  18. I would choose number 4 because if you tell a lie you could get into a lot of trouble 🙂

  19. I don’t agree with Anass because if I say I am 10 years old am I breaking the law? By the way I am 9 years old.

  20. I agree with caleb because if everybody will be happy ; )

  21. I would choose number 4 so then no one would tell lies

  22. Number 4 because if you lie your friends will loose trust in you and you’ll end up with no friends

  23. Anass,if I was to say I was born in 1988 am I breaking the law

  24. I choose number 4 aswell Anass because with no lies there is more peace!! 🙂

  25. That is true but i Am not sure about the pink bit

  26. I would choose no body to lie because the world will be a better place!

  27. I think everybody should smile because it makes everyone else smile

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