26 thoughts on “Thought for the Week: Ever tried? Ever Failed?

  1. I agree because its telling you to practice and practice and then you could be the best at it

  2. I agree you could never win something the first time , you have to fail then try again.

  3. You can fail again try again but u can still do better than that

  4. It doesn’t matter if you try you can always try try again .

  5. I agree with this because if you are not good at something and you keep practicing, if you keep failing you can only get better if you keep trying until you succeed.

  6. I agree because it wants us to try our best until we achieve.

  7. I agree because it’s telling you to keep on trying. It’s also saying that you will fail in life but you will get better.

  8. I agree because if you keep on failing and you keep practicing you will suddenly get better and better

  9. I agree practice makes perfect if you fail you can suddenly get better …..

  10. I agree practice makes perfect if you fail you can suddenly get better …..

    (Sorry used the wrong account.)

  11. I think if you fail you should try again but some people hate to fail but don’t try again

  12. I agree because if you practise you will get better.

  13. I disagree because you can either fail or pass , there is no such thing as fail better , but you can always try .

  14. I agree because if you fail you will fail better and succeed

  15. If it is something I know is not possible for me to achieve then I’ll stop waisting my time trying to succeed

  16. I agree because once you done it once you know what is like so you can do it again

  17. I agree with this statement because I think that if you fail at something you do it again and then you still fail, I think that you can fail better because you can learn from your mistakes.

  18. Folu. How could you know something was impossible without trying? Everything is impossible before we learn to do it!

  19. I agree because if you fail and then fail better you will learn from your mistakes and try even harder to achieve

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