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New Uniform

I was in school earlier today and it was lovely to see everyone in the new uniform. So smart! I did chat to a few parents about the uniform and I have passed these comments on to Cleo who will contact the manufacturers on their behalf.

Apologies to those of you who have not been able to order additional jumper this week, I understand that Wovina have run out of some sizes due to unprecedented demand. They will ensure that they have more jumpers in stock just as soon as they can.

The office staff have asked me to remind everyone that we do not keep any uniform in stock and that the compulsory items are available online from Wovina. The non-Heavers items are all readily, and cheaply, available from any uniform stockist.

Also, I did follow up the query about the cost of the new uniform. I have been assured that the cost of the new jumper is exactly the same as the old jumper. Thanks to Cleo’s excellent negotiating skills the cost of the ties (£4.00 – £4.50) is considerably lower than their retail value (£12.00).


19 thoughts on “New Uniform

  1. The new uniform looks nice but I think you have been miss informed regarding the comparative costs between old and new. I paid £9 for the old sweatshirt (as there was a choice in materials relating to the jumpers) and the new jumper cost me £15. This is a massive hike and I think it is incorrect to dismiss actual costs to parents.

  2. Sorry Lorraine,

    I didn’t mean to dismiss the costs! Far from it. As I said, we purchased a new jumper and tie for every child in school as a gesture of goodwill. The sweatshirt was phased out some years ago, and to the best of my knowledge Wovina have not been selling them for some time. The new jumper costs exactly the same as the old jumper. We researched this for a long time and are offering the new jumper at the same price, although it is made of a superior material which shouldn’t lose its shape and consequently should last for much longer.

    Best wishes


  3. Hi miss papas it’s Anne I don’t like the tie it is to itchy

  4. About the uniform why on earth is the P.E kit so expensive? so what happens when it gets lost or stolen I have two children in the school so it will cost me double I don’t have £20.00 here and £20.00 there, my kids need more than one jumper it all adds up I do not have money to burn.Why wasn’t the parents informed of the uniform being changed.

  5. Hello Jill,

    We did try to keep the cost of the uniform as low as we could. In our experience it is rare for an item of uniform to be stolen. Most uniform is simply left in the wrong place by the child. We need to teach our children to take care of their clothes and belongings and to take responsibility.

    Also, we did inform everyone about the change in uniform on here, it was published on: Apr 18, 2013 at 11:02am. It was also publicised on Facebook and Twitter at exactly the same time. This gave everyone four and a half months notice.

    Best wishes


  6. I think that this school uniform is very smart. When I first put it on it felt like I was in private school! But still, I do think we all look wonderful in our jumpers and ties.

  7. I agree the uniform looks very smart and is now in line with other school uniforms. The cost of school uniforms is always an issue but I believe its worth it when you see the pride the children have when they are wearing it. Also secondary school uniforms are going to be a lot more expensive.

  8. Hello, I love the new uniform, looks gorgeous and suits everyone…unfortunately Charlie’s jumper is gone. He came home on friday without it and it’s nowhere in the school. The teachers have been most helpful doing jumper checks and I’ve been through lost property 3 times this week to no avail. It seems to have been taken and not returned. I tried to order another one but they have run out, is there any news from Wovina when they will have more in stock? I really want Charlie to have it for the school photos as I didn’t buy the school photos last year and would love some nice ones his year.

  9. Hello Philippa,

    I am sorry to hear about that. I will pass you message onto Cleo so that she can chase up Wovina. I am saddened to think that someone would take a jumper that doesn’t belong to them. I hope that I can appeal to this person’s better judgement and that the jumper is returned.

    Best wishes


  10. I had to let the school know that a parent from ST Chads has stopped me many times and said what lovely uniform Heavers farm have and how they all look like they take pride in their clothes now.
    This school uniform is the best I have ever seen. My Children all went to many different schools and not one of them match this. I do think it is expensive especially the PE kit. however you get what you pay for. For the lady who jumper got taken I sympaphise with her. My daughter wore her blazer twice last term. Hanged it on the peg home time it was missing. We hunted the whole school lost property it was not there. Miss Papas please tell parents to make sure they check their childrens uniform once a week and make sure they are not wearing someone elses. I would return clothing that did not belong to my daughter. She was in reception and I know only a couple of children had these blazers.
    Anyway good work on the uniform. When are the skirts coming out?

  11. Thank you Irene!

    I am not sure about the skirts, I will ask Cleo tomorrow and see if she has any news.

    Best wishes


  12. Hi there, James is starting Reception in September and I wondered if you had thought of arranging with the suppliers so that childcare vouchers could be used to pay for it in some way?

  13. Hello Dr. Read,

    We already accept Childcare Vouchers. If you would like to set this up for September, please contact the school office who will be pleased to help you with this.

    Best wishes

  14. Thanks for this. What I meant is an arrangement with your uniform suppliers so that parents could pay for uniform using vouchers

  15. Hello Miss Susan,
    My son is starting reception in September and unfortunately, i didn’t receive the information you mailed out to parents regarding the open evening on the 2nd of July. Out of curiosity, i phoned the school to find out if parents had been contacted. Unfortunately, they had and i had missed the open evening.
    Is there provision to meet with parents who missed this important evening? I have a lot of questions to ask and i feel lost at the moment. Questions like:
    Which class he’ll be in (as the forms i popped in to pick up had a section for class), which children are part of the home visits (7th and 9th September), what time the stay and play starts on 10th and 11th September, which half day session will my son be in from 14th till 18th September (Morning or afternoon session), Where exactly to drop him off in the mornings when school starts. Do i need to walk him to his class and are parents allowed to drive in through the gates?, information of uniforms (does he require a tie or is that just for the older kids), what shoes are allowed, do they need to bring in their own water bottles.
    I believe all these details were provided at the open evening.
    Your help would greatly be appreciated.


  16. Dear Ramatu,

    I apologise that you did not receive the information sent out to new parents. I will pass your details on to Cleo Douglas, our Admissions Officer, as well as Rob Harnett, our Reception Leader. They will be able to answer all of your questions and arrange the dates with you.

    Apologies again,


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