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Back to school

back-to-schoolA gentle reminder that school starts next week.

Staff return on Tuesday for two INSET days. All children should return to school on Thursday 5th September 2013. I know it is only two days but lots of important lessons are being planned, so that the teachers can get to know the children and set their targets for the coming term.

Lots of work has been going on at school. Inside school the children’s toilets have new urinals and new sink units have been fitted to the shared areas. Outside the new adventure playground equipment has been fitted and the Reception playground has been expanded.  The Reception classrooms have also been expanded to include the fourth class for this year. Finally, all of the furniture has arrived for the new classrooms and the staffroom. After a long year, the staff finally have somewhere comfortable to enjoy a cup of tea!

I am really looking forward to seeing you all again next week.

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11 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Hi Miss Papas,
    I am not in your school but I loved the series Goodbye year six and my favourite people were Kelsey, Serrenur and Patrick.

  2. Thank you miss papas for new things to do at lunch time and play time and new things in heavers farm .

  3. Hi Ms Papas,
    Thank you for the message. My flight is on Friday and I will be in the school on Monday. I can’t wait to see my new class and teacher.

  4. I like my new class to and I am looking forward to what we do later on in the year.;)

  5. I agreed because if you falid again you will falid with out crying

  6. I was very excited to go back to school because I was going to be in year six. Now I love it at school! (Not that I never used to!) I feel so grown up taking different responsibilites and plus I have great teachers.

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