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CBBC Goodbye Year 6


If you didn’t catch the series about our school when it was first screened last year, it is being repeated on CBBC now. The series followed our Year 6 pupils as they prepared to leave Year 6 over the 2012 summer term.

You can see all of the episodes on CBBC iPlayer.

Here is Patrick helping out the production team!



38 thoughts on “CBBC Goodbye Year 6

  1. Great,now I get to watch the episodes I have missed !
    Is there going to be a series two ?

  2. What patricks or giavonne full names ill add the on facebook

  3. I’m going to get my future to come her if their gonna be filmed. I wish Tanarj’e was my bff shes call so as Julia and Autumn and the girl who said she was a teachers pet

  4. I liked it when Patrick tied up Giovanne’s shoelaces the wrong way and I also liked it when they joked a lot 🙂 I bet they are still best buds.

  5. I wish that the other year 6’s came back because they were really fun and brilliant especially Patrick and Giovanne.

  6. Hi Miss Papas,
    It is Serrenur and I miss you so much.
    I just wanted to tell you that I am doing OK at secondary school. Bye.

  7. Can u make another series? PLEAASEE? it really helped me cause i just went into year 7 last week 🙂

  8. hello my name is ellie i go to foresters primary i always watch goodbye year six non stop when i watched when they left it made me cry but the thing is i want to know what school they went to so i can go but you know i saw shandiya in the swimming pool and i freaked out me and my sister ask to play with her anyways mrs papas if you get this can you say something and i always ask my dad to come to your school school its cool but the thing is im going to miss my friends

  9. hi miss pappas i would like to say that i watched all the episodes they where amazing if you see serrenur say hi from josh i know her outside of school

  10. i want to watch epsodes on cbbc iplayer but its not avalible.
    when they where showing it on tv i was still in year 5 now, i just ended year 6 and i want to watch episodes ive been searching the web like crazy and still no results. pleeeaaaaaassssseeee help me.

  11. Hello Saydee,

    Sorry to hear that you can’t find the programmes. Unfortunately we don’t have any say in when and if they are aired. The BBC may well broadcast them again at the start of term. Maybe you should try contacting them. Here is a link to their contact page:

    Thank you for leaving a message for us and good luck in Year 7.

    Ms Papas

  12. hi I an really exited about starting secondary school tomorrow 🙁 but goodbye year six was very inspiring.

  13. Hello Sophie,

    I am glad that the programme inspired you and good luck tomorrow. I am sure you will shine!

    Ms. Papas

  14. Hi MRS Papas I hope you are well and happy, I was so upset that I had to leave but things have changed and I want to thank all the teachers who spent the time to teach me so all that’s left to say is thank you ill talk to you soon.

  15. hi serrenur I don’t know if you remember me but my name is nyoka I was in year 4 when you
    was in year 6 and I hope your doing well love nyoka buy

  16. hi noor its nyoka I miss you so much I hope your getting on well at school hope you get this love nyoka.

  17. Hello Nyoka,

    I hope that you are doing well in your new school. I will pass on your thanks to all of the teachers. I know that it is sad when you leave Year 6 and move on to your secondary school, but you have lots of exciting new challenges ahead of you and I am sure that you will do extremely well.

    Remember we are always here if you want to call in and say hello!

    Best wishes

    Ms. Papas

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