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wordpress_logo1 (1)A message to all class teachers.

You will need to set up a blog for your new class before the start of term. When you do this, make sure that you title your blog using your class name and the current year 2013/14. Please do not use your old class blog.

Once you have set up your new one, you should add me as an administrator (I will send you my email address by text) and then I can post a link to your blog.

Remember to include:

If you need support with this, go to where there are step by step instructions.

If you need more advice, Dan will be able to help you on the Inset days.

6 thoughts on “Class Blogs

  1. Hi, I am Aime Makanda and want my little brother to start nursery to my school,should I do it online or have to fill a form ?

  2. Hello Aime,

    You will need to ask your parent to collect a form from Cleo in the office. Cleo can help with anything else you need to know.

    Best wishes

  3. Hi my daughter is starting nursery in september and i was wondering if the weather is nice can she wear a summer dress?

  4. Hi Kadie, if the weather is hot, then your daughter can wear her tracksuit bottoms with a white polo shirt. Hope you’re having a good summer. see you at the start of term. Susan

  5. Your school is fantastic. I have seen the CBBC show and it shows that many of your pupils are intelligent, humorous and they don’t have a problem standing up for themselves.

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