£100 Sainsbury’s voucher list…

100This is the list of of children who have achieved 100% attendance for the whole year. We will be choosing 2 lucky parents from this list to win a £100 Sainsbury’s voucher. 

We will be pulling names out of the hat during Assembly at 9.15am on Wednesday 24th July 2013. Everyone welcome!

Adu, Omooghene Goodwin 3PEA 100
Anwar, Daniel 2TOP 100
Barnes, Paris 1DIA 100
Bilgin, Melodie 6AQUA 100
Burke, Kodie 6AME 100
Canaku, Lewis RGOLD 100
Carter, Alesha 2AMBE 100
Chatema, Megan LGP.M 100
Crawford, Joseph 5SAPP 100
Dorris, Rhianna 5CORA 100
Figueira, Millicent 2AMBE 100
Gibbons, Caleb 4MOON 100
Huang, Wei Ming Zheng 4OPAL 100
Issott, Eden-Marie 6AQUA 100
Johnson, Rashaan 4OPAL 100
Karunwi, Mofoluwatele 5CORA 100
Karunwi, Mosimiloluina 3RUBY 100
Levy, Tiffany LGA.M 100
Lo, Zi 4OPAL 100
Miall, Ella 1EMER 100
Miall, Libby LGA.M 100
Munday, Leigh-Marie 3PEA 100
Murray, Ayden RGOLD 100
Osei, Salma 2AMBE 100
Parker, Thea 1EMER 100
Pwasanga, Hosanna 6AQUA 100
Reid, Akeelah 1EMER 100
Ricketts, Chenae RGOLD 100
Simpson, Ajani Marvin 4OPAL 100
Thomas, Malik RGOLD 100
Thompson, Ashley-Harris 6AME 100
Thorpe, Savannah 5CORA 100
Wahab, Olamipo Christina 1DIA 100
Wallace, Chrystelle 1EMER 100
Total 34

4 thoughts on “£100 Sainsbury’s voucher list…

  1. Hello Adithya, I have just looked at your attendance. Yes, you are right, you do have 100% attendance however, you have been late on 10 occasions this year, with 6 of them this term. This means that you won’t be on either list. Sorry! Next year you must try really hard to get to school on time so that you have a chance of winning!

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