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news-imageWe will be sending home a newsletter today with details of where everyone will be next year. (For a copy please click here.) Two year groups (Year 3 and Year 5) have been mixed up to achieve a better balance in each class. A list of the children in each class with go out with the newsletters for each of these year groups.

Following feedback from our recent questionnaire, we have taken on board comments about the lack of notice about events taking place in school. Therefore, we have attached a list of all of the important dates for the coming year as part of this newsletter. I will also be adding an extra page to our blog to make sure that you can see what is coming up.

Finally, I wanted to let you know that you may not see as much of me around school next term. We have been asked to offer support to Selsdon Primary School whilst they look for a new Headteacher. I will support them as their Interim Executive Headteacher. I will remain Head here at Heavers Farm. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to share our good practice and use our experience to support another Croydon school. When I am not able to be here, the day-to-day running of the school will be handled by our very capable leadership team, led by Deputy Headteachers, Ragini Shekar and Andrea Cousins.

Thank you everyone for all of your support and hard work this year.

We wish you and your families a restful and happy summer break.

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  1. Impact workshop dates for Literacy should be 2014 not 2013

  2. Help! I’m looking to buy the new school uniform items but there does not seem to be a suitable v-neck jumper for us to purchase. The 7-8 size, that was given to us on the last day of school, is far to large for Mae, it’s more of a dress really ;-)! The other the sweatshirt, which is available in smaller sizes, are only available in a jumper/jogging bottom combo. I want to buy three jumpers, I don’t need 3 jogging bottoms too. It would be great if you advise me what to do in this situation? Most of the children going into year two are 6 yrs so there really should be smaller sizes available.


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