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Year 4 off to see Rowing World Cup today



Thanks to an initiative by Nathaniel Reilly O’Donnell, Team GB medal winner (and friend of Miss McCormack!) all of Year 4 are off to see the World Cup Rowing event at Eton Dorney today. We expect to see lots of photos and blog posts live from the scene.

I am sure Team GB will do really well with our Year 4s cheering them along with the banners and flags that they have been making this week.

Nathaniel Reilly O’Donnell

3 thoughts on “Year 4 off to see Rowing World Cup today

  1. I really enjoyed it
    and I actually
    saw Nathaniel
    in real life

  2. On saturday I went to a farm and went on a zippwire it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I loved the rowing especially when we went on that machine:)

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