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Thank you for your feedback

I thought I’d share a lovely comment left by someone in our community about the information we posted about the benefit cap currently being introduced across the country.

Hi there,

I wanted to say how brilliant it is to see you raising awareness on the benefit cap. I am a Board Member for a reputable Housing Association. At the moment there are many changes to the benefit system already in place or soon to be implemented. These changes are heavily impacting a vast amount of people, many of whom are completely unaware of the changes to come or how it will affect them. Our biggest concern and 1st priority is providing information and support to all those affected. The first step is awareness. I am so very pleased to see that Heavers farm are signposting for guidance on the benefit cap. I am also pleased to see Heavers farm recognise the importance of raising awareness on these changes to their parents. This really shows their commitment to the children and their home life. Absolutely brilliant. Bianca Layne.

Thank you Bianca for your feedback, and if there is anything else we can do to raise awareness amongst our families, please let us know.

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