31 thoughts on “Thought for the Week: Sweet or Comic?

  1. Comics everytime. They fuel pupils imagination

  2. I would rather choose a comic because you can learn from it but sweets will make your teeth rot.

  3. I would choose the comics because it makes your imagination better with your literacy.

  4. I would choose comics because sweets make your teeth rot also you would get tooth aches nearly everyday.

  5. I would rather choose comics because candy has a high level of sugar and then your teeth will rot.

  6. Comics because when you read them there is a little fantasy in them and you can use that fantasy in your literacy.

  7. I would rather read comics than only have sweets because comics make me read and sweets are bad for us and we would fall ill.

  8. I think sweets because sweets are nice but sometimes comics are good

  9. I would choose sweets because they last longer and comics are something you read once and never pick up again.

  10. I would choose comics because if I would choose sweets I would eat to much sweets and I would feel sick ,but if I had a comic I could relax and read.

  11. I choose comic because sweet are sugar in it so comic are nice .

  12. Personally I think that I would choose comics because sometimes they can be interesting, although people might choose sweets, think about your teeth.(A comic lasts far longer than a sweet .)

    Layla Garcia, Aquamarine class, year 6

  13. I would choose comics because they are interesting and fun to read. Also, sweets are bad for you.

  14. I wod choose comic books because it last longer then sweets.

  15. I would choose comic because sweets are bad for you and they will rot your teeth.

  16. Well I would have half a day of sweets and the other half of comic reading

  17. I would choose the comic because I love to read, it gives you knowledge so you know lots of different kinds of things!

  18. I would choose sweets because they taste nice and they are nice to eat.

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