23 thoughts on “Thought for the week: What if we grew every day?

  1. We do grow everyday. I guess we grow 0.1 to 0.5 centimetres each day. We even grow whilst we are sleeping!

  2. If we grew everyday we would be very tall but if we grew to much then our hearts would be to small for our bodies and we could die like what happened to the tallest man in the world.

  3. if we grew every day we will be very tall and also we really couldn’t see the ground at all and it will be difficult for every one to see each other

  4. I like to think that we do grow each day; intellectually.

  5. If we grow every day we won’t be able to do many things or live in a house because you will be to tall to go into different rooms.

  6. If we grew everyday, we will taller than a giant or taller than the sky.

  7. If we grew everyday then we could touch the sky also we won’t be able to go to the cinema because you would be to tall.

  8. If we grew everyday we would be able to touch the sky also you wouldn’t be able to the cinema because you would be to tall.

  9. If we grew every day, when it is sunny the sun will be shining in your face.

  10. I we grew every day we would be so tall and reach up to the sky. In addition to that we will see heaven or we might even be taller then the world.

  11. Then when we are older we will probaly be able to touch the sky and if we didn’t grow every day the we will probably be as small as a baked bean.

  12. If we grew every day we will be giants in a month. If we grew everyday soon we will be to big for this planet and have to live somewhere else.

  13. If we grow up everyday,we might pass away and not enjoy our moment of living life.

  14. Hello Sapphire Class,

    Thank you for all of your interesting thoughts. The world would be quite strange if we grew every day. I wonder how tall I would be by now, as I would have been growing for great many years!!

    By the way, could you ask either Mr O or Mr R to do a quick lesson on to and too…

    Ms Papas

  15. If we grew every day ,we would not be able to see people because someone could be taller than overs
    how would we speek to people if we cant see them.
    Because what if your talking and they dont here you
    you would have to shout your hart out
    I just like how tall i am now i prefer the way i am.]][

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