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Update on Beach Trip

starfish-and-sea-shells-in-colorful-yellow-beach-bucket-isolated-susan-mckenzie (1)We have decided that to make sure that everyone, including parents and staff, have an enjoyable day at the beach we are not going to allow any child who regularly breaks the school rules to accompany us.

We have to make sure that everyone who comes will behave in a responsible and safe way. Therefore any child who is given 2 or more detentions, for reasons to do with their behaviour, will have to remain in school on that day with staff who are not coming with us.

In order to be fair we will monitor detentions starting on the first Monday after half term 3rd June 2013 until Friday 12th July 2013. If any child receives 2 or more detentions for behaviour during this period they will be asked to stay in school.


9 thoughts on “Update on Beach Trip

  1. I agree miss papas if childen have not been good thay do get treats!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. True and it’s not fair that they don’t try their best and the other people really try their best to go to the beach and receive alot of merits I agree too Miss Papas I won’t getany detentions after half term I promise

  3. Is the beach rocky or sandy? Are we allowed to bring sand buckets ?

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