Parents Coffee Morning

UntitledIt has been far too long since the last coffee morning!  So much has happened! Since then we have had a very successful Ofsted inspection, been a the centre of the smash hit sensation of the CBBC ‘Goodbye Year 6’ and had to contend with a few minor alterations to a wall at the far end of the school…a little bit of paint and hopefully no one noticed the changes!

 So with so much to talk about, we thought it would be nice if you popped by for a chat…and join us for some coffee (or tea) and cake on Monday 10th June 2013 between 9.00am and 10.30am in the new extension.  See you soon. Mr Reid

6 thoughts on “Parents Coffee Morning

  1. Does that mean that I can have coffee or tea as well Miss Papas?

  2. Hello Anass and Dominique, the coffee, tea and is only for the parents! It is about time that they had some of the treats!

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