warning-sign1This morning we were alerted to the fact that there was a suspicious incident on the way into school before school today. One of our parents saw a blue Suzuki car  slow down and look at a child who was on her way to school. The men appeared to have something pulled over their heads, they did not say or do anything.  The men appeared to be watching the child as she approached the school entrance. When the child’s parent appeared around the corner, the men drove away. The parent who noticed this, notified the Police immediately.

The Police are aware and are running checks.

Please be vigilant. Try to make sure that you know where your child is at all times and that you ensure they have planned routes home. We will talk to the children in school about keeping themselves safe.

If you can, please make sure that your child is not travelling to or from school on their own. Arrange for an adult to accompany them, or for them to walk with a group of friends. If your child rides a bike or scooter to school with you, or with friends, make sure that they stay close and do not ride off ahead, making themselves more vulnerable.



5 thoughts on “Alert!

  1. Has the police mentioned if they will increase their presence on the street ? And why have they waited for the 9th attempt to make this information available to the parents?

  2. Hello Ms Innocent,

    From what I understand, the Police have increased their presence. I spoke to the Police earlier today, they explained that there have been several reports of suspicious behaviour however, none of these incidents were actually abduction attempts.

    They have advised people to be vigilant as a precaution.

  3. I will never go on my own and I’m not. I always go with someone and my mum is very worried about me and so am I. I won’t even try go to my garden now I will always stay near my mum when I’m walking the way home.

  4. Hello Anass, you really don’t need to worry so much. The message we sent out was to remind people to be safe and sensible when you are out and about. I am sure you will be safe in your garden. The Police have said that the incident that happened last week was not suspicious, that they checked the car and that the men were not doing anything bad. So please don’t make yourself so worried!

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