1. I thought the Thought Of The Week was going to be by Sanjai because he was the one who got chosen in assembly on Friday.

  2. Yes because in secondary school kids start to change there language (use street slang) . One day you will change personality’s … You wait and see. 🙂

  3. I think yes because as you get older your body changes you get bigger and personality changes

  4. I think your personality does change but not everyone’s. Some people who are really silly could grow up to be clowns but serious people who have their mind set on the future could grow up to work in offices so not always does your personality change but sometimes it does.

  5. Well it you can because when your old you could be grumpy, lonely or you just don’t remember what happend in the past.

  6. Well, it all depends of the kind of person you are. Sometimes when you get older you like different things and think different things however sometimes when you get older you both like and think the same things as you did when you were younger.

  7. Yes, I think that people do change there personality because when they get older they know how to speak real English.

  8. Yes because when you’re a baby you like baby programs but when you’re an adult you like different programmes.

  9. I don’t think that it is always the case Dersian! Lots of children do not change their language. Most people use different types of language in different situations. For example many children speak one way in school, another way in the playground and a different way altogether in their home. Do you think using different language means you have a different personality?

  10. Kaylen, what do you mean by real English? Do you mean that older people use grammar appropriately when they speak? I am not sure that I agree.

  11. That’s what I think Mrs Papas because when you get older you will catch more words than when you were younger but even though you’re young you’ll still speak real English.

  12. I think your personality does change but not everyone changes because some teens are really bad and when they were young they were acting really good. Plus some children are good but then get bad over bad influences. But when you get older and have kids you act more responsible well you should because you want your children to be good.

  13. Yes because when you get older you get smaller and your hair turns grey or white.

  14. Your personality will change because when your young you play around ,but once you get older you are more responsible and mature .

  15. Thank you Mrs Papas for choosing my thought for the week to be the thought for the week.

  16. Yes because when you are little you like kid shows but when you get older you like grownup shows. 🙂

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