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Beach trip update…

Botany Bay

We have now booked the coaches for our trip on Monday 22nd July 2013. We will leave school at 8.00am and be back about 5.00pm. 

Thank you for getting back to us so quickly; we received 194 responses before our Friday deadline.

We will be handing out 194 tickets to the families who responded to us by the deadline. Everyone will be given one ticket for each seat on the coach that you have been allocated. All Heavers Farm pupils and staff have already been allocated a seat. We will organise the coaches so that families will be seated together.

We will post more information nearer the time regarding what you will need you to bring, the exact location of the beach, any activities we have planned and the exact schedule.

Thank you to Harrison our catering contractors who have offered to make cup cakes for every pupil on the trip.

Everyone needs to keep their fingers crossed that we have good weather!

23 thoughts on “Beach trip update…

  1. Can I just confirm Megan Chatema and I are registered for two seats please. I did send a text but just want to make sure and how ill the tickets be handed out, in her book bag or by email?

  2. Hello,

    Everyone who sent a text before Friday will be allocated a seat. A ticket will be issued before the date of the trip and will be given to the class teachers to pass on to parents and caters. If you do not collect your child from school the ticket will be put in your child’s book bag.

    All Heavers Farm pupils will be given a seat on the coach automatically and will not need a ticket.

    We will update the school blog before the date of the trip. We will text parents and caters to let them know when we are sending home the tickets so you will know to look out for them.

    Best wishes

    Ms Papas

  3. awwwww
    miss heavers farm soo much
    hope you guys have good weather and that you enjoy yourselfs xx

  4. Hello heavers farm I really hope that July comes quickly because I cannot wait any longer!!!

  5. Hello miss papas am Elzabeth mum and am just letting you know that Elizabeths is going to the school becah and can you give her the ticket please .

  6. i have two children that go to the school i did not recieve the text nor did their dad so what happens now . thank you k.j mum of 2 one in year 4 and year 1

  7. Oh dear! The best thing to do would be for you to contact the school office first thing on Monday and give the staff your up to date telephone numbers so that we can update our system. You should speak to Cleo about a space on the coach if you want to come on the trip. Hopefully we can sort this out for you on Monday.

  8. I cant wait until it is 22nd of July. I hope it is the best weather so we can enjoy it.

  9. Sorry i didnt reply to the text someone as agreed to switch days with me at work hope i can still a ticket thanks in advance. April

  10. Hello April,

    I will pass your message onto the office staff who will add your name to the waiting list.

    Best wishes.


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