15 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Would you rather…

  1. I would choose b so I could win prizes and make my elders proud.

  2. I think,that I would choose B because I would be living my dream of being a footballer.And I would have the money to go to space and I can try to win Britan’s Got Talent.

  3. I would rather choose A because I would want to go into space to see
    if aliens are real or not, because I don’t know if they exist.

  4. I would choose (b) [be captain of the England football team] because it would be a astonishing achievement for me 🙂

  5. I would choose Britains got talent so I can win prizes like cars or money to make my parents proud of me

  6. I would rather be chosen to go into space because I want to be an astronomer when I grow up. The reason being is that I find planets fascinating, since there are so many things to research and study about. It would mean so much to be someone who actually made a living in space!

  7. I would go into space because, I would get to know if the stars are really as small as they seem and if anything lives on the moon.

  8. I would be the captain of the England football team because with that money I would be rich and I would buy my own jet and go to Africa and give everyone there the money that they need to live and to take there children to school.

  9. firstly I would win britains got talent ,use the money from that and buy a rocket so i could go to space and maybe before all that i’ll be the captain
    of a football team the reason why I would choose of those is because they all sound fun and a exsiting thing to do.

  10. i will take c. becase i will get the money to fly i space

  11. I’ll rather choose A going to space because I play things about space and I might see aliens and I might earn a space badge.,,,

  12. I will choose C because I will earn money to go to space and after when I grow up I will be the England’s football team Captain and I will be very famous because I will be on TV.

  13. First I will be the winner of Britan’s got talent and then I will spend those money to space.

  14. I would like to be the winner of britens got talent because i will win load of money that i could share with my family and give some money away to people in home’s .

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