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We’re off to the beach!

beachWe are planning on taking the whole school to the beach on Monday 22nd July 2013. This is an end of year treat for everyone, to say thank you for working so hard and for being patient with all of the building work going on. The trip is fully funded, no charge! All we ask is that everyone brings a (healthy) packed lunch…

We have sent a text to all of our parents and carers. If you would like to come along, please leave a comment below or text us back on the school text number. We will be taking all of the children, we thought that this would be a nice family day, so we are extending our invitation to our families. In order to book the coaches we need to know numbers before Friday 26th April 2013. You can bring babies and/or toddlers as long as you have a car seat for them to use on the coach.

We will be going to a beach in Broadstairs, Kent. More details to follow.

23 thoughts on “We’re off to the beach!

  1. Hi Susan,

    This is a splendid idea. Can I tag along in my capacity as a governor?


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  2. This is amazing; sure would like to be a part of this trip to the beach with my two kids.

  3. This is a brilliant way to reward the children – and I would definitely love to go.

  4. I would like to come to the beach trip please

  5. Broadstairs and Thanet are gems of the British isles….been going there since since i was 3 !!! its so lovely ..hope all the school has a great day..

  6. This is a fantastic idea would love to come along and be part of your trip please

  7. My mum reply back for the trip and I want to no is she still comig get to me as soon as get it or in school

  8. Hello Anne,

    If your mum texted us before last Friday then she will have a seat. We will let you know all of the arrangements closer to the time.

    Ms Papas

  9. Miss Papas are we going to be going in the water because me and my mother need to make some arrangements pls reply asa soon as!!!

  10. Thx do the children have to sign up or somehting to come on this trip?
    Will my sister Nikita be allowed to come? Or is it justf or the children in the school.
    Do you remember nikita?
    I f you dont ask Miss Kelly!!
    byreply soon i’ll be waiting.

  11. Hello Eden,

    Of course I remember Nikita! I wave to her in the mornings as she in on her way to school. Children don’t need to sign up for this trip, we are assuming that everyone is coming. Unfortunately, we are only taking Heavers’ pupils this time… Anyway, shouldn’t Nikita be in school on that day!?

    Ms Papas

  12. Hi miss pappas stacey whants to no can she come with my mum she is 19 .

  13. Hello Anne,

    Did your mum put her name down before the deadline? If she didn’t then we can put her on the waiting list. Unfortunately, we are only taking younger brothers and sisters, under 5 years old.

    Let me know about your mum so we can add her to the waiting list,

    Ms Papas

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