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Scooters AND Bikes AND more…

scooter-wheel-orange-100Don’t forget we will be giving away brand new bicycles AND scooters at the end of this term.

For the scooters, we have given everyone another chance of winning. To make it on to the scooter list we will look at your attendance from the first day of this term 16th April 2013. To be in with a chance of winning a scooter you must have attendance of over 96% and no more than 1 late over this term. 

To make it on to the bicycle list you must have attendance of over 96% and no more than 1 late over the whole of this year.

Mr Reid and I have also decided that your parents and carers have been left out when it comes to prizes for good attendance and punctuality! We know that they are working hard to make sure that you come to school every day and encourage you to be on time. So this term we will be offering a prize draw for three £100.00 Sainsbury’s gift cards to parents or carers of children who have great attendance and punctuality. sainsburys-giftcard

If you or your child wants a chance to win one of our prizes, all you need to do is make sure that your child is in school every day and on time.


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  1. I hope I win miss papas, then I can give it to my cousin!!!!

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