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All Change!

Change ahead isolated signFrom September 2013 we will be changing our school uniform. To coincide with the opening of our new classrooms, hall and staffroom we are updating our school uniform.

In order to ease the transition we will be giving a new jumper and tie to every pupil in the last week of term in July 2013. We are ordering samples of the new uniform for you to see which we will put on display next to the school office. 

We would ask that you do not order any of the existing uniform from now on. We will continue with our uniform suppliers, Wovina, who will be stocking the new items. 

We will have one compulsory item of uniform which will be an official school jumper. Children will be expected to wear grey trousers or grey skirt, white shirt and black school shoes. These elements will not change. The school PE t-shirt will also stay the same. We will have several optional pieces of uniform, more details to follow. We are also phasing out the school blazer which will be replaced with a navy soft shell jacket. 

In line with this, we will be updating the design of our school website and redesigning the signs in and around school.

We have been working with one of our parent governors, Nigel Collins, a designer who has helped us develop our new brand. We will post more information as soon as we have finalised the details. 


16 thoughts on “All Change!

  1. This is incredible. We do look forward to the new logo.

    Kind regards!

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  2. Hi. My daughter is starting reception this September. What uniform does she require. Thanks

  3. Hello Iona,

    Your daughter will need one of our new school jumpers which will be available on the Wovina website very soon. We will put details of the new uniform on the blog as soon as they have been confirmed.

    Best wishes


  4. My daughter is also starting in September when will the new uniform be available to purchase online and will the tie still be an option? Just so I know what types of shirts to buy before everywhere sells out, thanks

  5. Miss Papas, I was considering sending my daughter Maisy to your school, she is 8 years old and suffers from Emery–Dreifuss muscular dystrophy. She is affected by this condition quite seriously and mostly uses an electric wheelchair. She was bullied at her last school for her differences and has since been homeschooled. Your school was one I found out about after Maisy herself watched a program on CBBC starring your school and its pupils. Maisy said to me “daddy I want to go there” and i decided to look further into it once she began to be homeschooled. However I cannot find any information regarding the access available for wheelchair users. Do you have any? I would be very glad of this information as although it is not a definite that I am going to apply for a place at the school, Maisy and myself would like to look at all the schools in the area that seem to have a positive outlook and exceptional facilities and staff. I would be very grateful for this information as after joining Maisy to watch the program, I saw for myself the impeccable pupils you have, who all seem to have gained caring, positive, loving attitudes due to the school environment you uphold. Many thanks again

  6. Awww miss do we really need a new uniform, I like mine!!!! Its comfy and my mum thinks its easyier to wash and that 🙁

  7. Hello Sasha,

    We are speaking to Wovina at the moment who in turn are liaising with their manufacturers. We hope to have the uniform available at the start of July 2013, and will be available online. The (new) tie will still be an option. Pupils can choose from a white shirt or a white polo shirt. We will keep updating the school blog with information as we get it.

    We look forward to you and your daughter joining our school.

    Best wishes


  8. Hello Lucas,

    Thank you for your lovely comments about our school. We would love to meet you and Maisy! Our site is fully wheelchair accessible. We currently have one wheelchair user in school, and have had several in the past. Please telephone Cleo our Admissions Officer, on 020 8653 5434 to arrange a time to for you and Maisy to come and see us.

    Thanks again for your comments.

    Best wishes


  9. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly 🙂 look forward to seeing the new uniform in July and meeting u all in September

  10. I look forward to seeing and wearing the school uniform. But I really love my school uniform!

  11. It wasn’t really me who said that I think it’s a good idea!!!

  12. Miss Papas,
    Maisy was rushed to hospital late last night, after a suspected appendicitis. Would it be possible to arrange this meeting in a few weeks. With her condition, any illness or pathogen in her system can be fatal and I would like to wait till she is out of immediate danger before scheduling anything. Thank you for answering my queries about your facilities. Lucas Smith

  13. Hello Lucas,

    I am sorry to hear that. Yes, of course you can come at any time that suits you. No hurry.

    We wish Maisy a speedy recovery.


  14. just seen the new uniform ………..its uumm different – the school should look good in the uniform .

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