Scooter Winners

IMG_0524 Congratulations to the 22 children who will be taking a brand new scooter home with them today. We pulled names out of the hat in assembly this morning.

Thank you to their families too for ensuring that they all have excellent attendance and punctuality.

Here are the lucky winners:



Name Reg % Attend
Zirora, Patrick Amethyst Y6 100
Williams, Skye Aquamarine Y6 97.65
Henry-Southwell, Shennear-Tia Coral Y5 97.65
Barnes, Paris Diamond Y1 100
Ajao-Taiwo, Ibukun Emerald Y1 97.65
Canaku, Lewis Gold Reception 100
Hickson, Laurelle Gold Reception 97.65
Gunaratne, Dilkushi Jade Y1 100
Mulopo, Jemima Moonstone Y4 97.65
Oke, Phoenix Nursery 96.47
Simpson, Savanah Nursery 96.67
Dan-Othman, Tafani Opal Y4 100
Williamson, Cameron Pearl Y3 97.65
Goulbourne, Caleb Peridot Y1 100
Osei, Jedidiah Platinum Reception 96.47
Komolafe, Joy Eniola Platinum Reception 97.65
Marmon-Halm, Samuel Ruby Y3 100
Diallo, Rouguiyatou Sapphire Y5 100
Prince, Nathaniel Silver Reception 97.65
Boadu Offei, Chantelle Amber Y2 100
Hunter, Lily-Rose Silver Reception 100
Willson Turinawe, Kingsley Topaz Y2 100
Total 22



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  1. Congratulations to all of these. Not only a scooter but a good education too!

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