9 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Big things are better than small things

  1. I disagree because being big or small has its advantages , when Jamiah cannot reach something which is down very low I can reach it and give it to him, but when there is something that is up very high I cannot reach it so I ask my BIG brother Jamiah to get it for me.

  2. I disagree because if there was food in a corner a small person could reach it but a big person would not be able to reach it.

  3. I think that smaller things are better because you will take more care of a fragile thing, because when people have big things they just throw things down and don’t appeciate what they have.

  4. I disagree because sometimes small things can be precious to you like a ring or a bracelet plus it isn’t always about the big things all the time sometimes you have to think down to earth and think of small things.

  5. I agree and disagree because it really does depend. For an example the hall has just expanded due to all the children in the school. But small things like pets can be kept at home and you can take care of them other than lions and tigers which are vicious and big.

  6. Well I am not sure. I don’t think that big things are better than small things, because if you get a small present or a big present you should appreciate what you get. It doesn’t matter what size it is.

  7. I thing that small thing are just like big things but the height is different. That you can have a small room and less to do and if you had a big room more to do so it is hard you dissuade thing slowly.

  8. I have a little bit of both…

    Reason why big things are better:

    You can reach things more easily than the smaller ones.

    Reason why small things are better:

    You can fit through things better.

    Overall, I think it doesn’t really matter about your/something’s height. All that matters is how well you do something and what you have achieve. Education, your family and yourself is what matters!

  9. I dissagree because sometimes small things can do more things than big things

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