1. If you knew everything you don’t have to go to school to learn new things and it would be boring.

  2. If we knew eveything, you would not learn and there would be know purpose in school.

    And it would cause a problem of which you might brag about (who is smart) so it’s better to stay the way we are so thats there’s no problem in life.

    I’m not sure how you’d know you know everything, I guess it’s just a measure of pride.

  3. Well if I knew every thing there wouldn’t be any need for me to go to school and it wouldn’t be fair for the children that need help because I would be always shouting out the answers.

    I would know by thinking and then I could share it with the class.

    I would just keep it as secret because if I tell my mum she won’t believe me she will say “don’t be silly.”

  4. If I new eveything I would become a teacher becase I could teach the children what to no .

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