The scooters are coming…

scooter 1Don’t forget that we are giving away brand new scooters to one child in every class! In fact we are giving two scooters away to Nursery and Reception classes!

All you need to do is make sure that you come to school every day and that you are on time.

We are going to give scooters away at the end of every term for children whose attendance is 96% and above AND have not been late more than once in that term. We are giving away prizes every term, because we know that some of you had a lot of absences and lateness last term but you have worked really hard to improve this. By only looking at the attendance and punctuality over each term we can reward children who have made a real effort to improve.

At the end of the year we will be giving away brand new bicycles to children whose attendance is 96% and above AND have not been late more than 5 times over the whole year. This is to reward children who have worked hard on their attendance and punctuality throughout the year.

Mr Reid and I have already had a look at the registers! We will post the names of the children who have attendance of 96% and above and one or less lates this term.

We will be handing out the scooters in Assembly on Monday 25th March 2013. Everyone is welcome!

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  1. Good idea even the children try to come early for the scooter.

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