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Red Nose Day Thought for the Week

On Friday, as part of Red Nose Day we will be doing something funny for money to raise money for Comic Relief. All through the week the children will be making their own joke books. On Friday we are inviting everyone to wear something funny for money (£1.00 donation). We will also be holding a funny talent competition at 9.30am on Friday. One act from each class will be chosen. The act that each class thinks is funniest will be the one chosen. Although our hall is a little cramped at the moment due to the building works everyone is welcome to attend, as long as you don’t mind being a little squashed!

Our thought for the week this week is linked to this.

Here is a video about Robert, a boy who lives in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Your teachers will also be sharing this with you in class.

We would like you to leave your comments about this video and answer these questions. 

  • What did you see in Robert’s house?
  • What was the biggest difference that you saw between your life and his?
  • What could we do to help children like Robert?

15 thoughts on “Red Nose Day Thought for the Week

  1. After seeing Roberts story I think he has all the rights to live in a good and clean environment.Roberts life is different to mine because,He has to share his small house with five other people whereas I have to share with four and my house is big enough,children like Robert should be given more money so that they can get a better home to live in ,when I saw this video it keeps on making me think that I have got all this stuff to myself and that I should respect life more than ever because I have a caring and loving family and some children don’t even have that.

  2. Thank you Noor.

    You have thought carefully about this. I wonder what everyone else thinks?

    Do you agree with Noor? What do you think we can do to help children like Robert ?

  3. I feel sorry for robert because he has knowhere to live and had his house mashed up and crushed just for extra roads to be placed down.

  4. I honestly feel sorry for Robert because his house got tore into pieces for a silly little road . To help and make up for that we should sponsor kids like Robert, and bring them over to get a education . If that was me I would give up but from what happent to Robert it shows never give up…. 😉

  5. We can sending every week a card asking for money so that we can send to Robert.


  6. I think that Robert is a very poor child because he does not have a proper house , he has rats in his house he can’t go to the toilet he has to pay to go to the public toilet.Do
    you think that children like Robert should live like that?

  7. In Roberts house there is not much to play with or use. In our houses there are not rats but in Roberts house there is. Our houses are made out of brick and solid materials. Roberts house is made out tin and wood.

  8. Robert make me feel like I should be nice for what I got and not be selfish and ask for to much things it can make other people happy.

  9. I think that Robert is a very good child .Robert has no toilets in his house he has to go to the public toilets he has rats in his house.The rats eat all there food. How would you feel if you we’re like that?

  10. The Robert video was very interesting because now I know how other people live in different country’s. I also feel sorry for Robert because his house got knocked down by a bulldozer and now I will respect what I have :).

  11. I think we can help Robert because we have gas, our own room and electronics. Robert don’t have all nice things that we have so we should respect things we have. We can help Robert by getting people sponsor us,and we can earn money.

  12. I think that sometimes we should give money to them. Also I think that Robert is a very good boy. He does not have a proper house he has rats on his would you feel if you we’re like that

  13. I should be happy for what I have, because people like Robert are in poor countries and do not have toilets or proper houses to live in so that is why we send money for them!

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