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Meat Suppliers

Please see below the Food Safety Policy Statement released by Harrisons the catering company responsible for our school meals.


Food Safety Policy Statement

Meat Suppliers

As a leading catering company, Harrison Catering Services is committed to providing its customers with high quality food products that meet the most stringent food safety and food hygiene standards.  The Company food purchasing policy is to buy food and meat from reputable suppliers that have their own exacting purchasing procedures and operate to the high standards required by current food safety legislation and good industry practice.

There have been concerns recently regarding horsemeat being found in some meat products and some other meat products not meeting the strict Halal standard.

The suppliers of meat and meat products to Harrison Catering Services have documented recording systems so that all meat can be traced back to the point of origin.  Harrison Catering Services has received written assurances from all its suppliers that the meat and meat products supplied to the Company meet all current food safety and food labelling standards.

Harrison Catering Services will continue to monitor the situation and if any further official food safety announcements are made with regard to the consumption of meat and meat products, the Company will take immediate action as appropriate or necessary to protect the health and wellbeing of its customers.

Stuart Dye

Company Hygiene & Safety Manager

February 2013